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  • The Story

    Between a barking dog and a “coiled dragon house” laid our genesis moment. There Ernie was, wary of going further due to the dog. Thankfully, an 8 year old girl came to Ernie’s rescue, chased the beast away and a conversation was started then that led to a thought – which then went from proposal to project with a grant awarded by the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative. Eventually, the project grew into Code for Asia – a social enterprised headquartered in Singapore – that is now tackling the system of youths’ skills development in a changing world.  

  • Our Why

    Our vision is a world in which young people are architects of change that make the future present. Rather than talk, we walk, crawl, jump, whatever – we poke life and mould the future that we desire through code. Our mission is to unleash the power of communities and technology for making the world a better place. 

  • How We Work

    To do this, we assembled a team consisting of leaders in local communities who are united by a common interest in change making with technology. The ABCD of our DNA is as described below. 

    • Autonimy - we are accountable and take ownership​
    • Boldness - we are action-biased and take s
    • Boldness - we are action-biased and take s
    • Collaboration - we show up for each other and success together
    • Delight - we deliver experience that turn costumer into fans


People are at the heart of what we do. We work with a diverse group of talents  distributed around the world, then make room for them to show up at work and excel. We believe that a favourable future for education and work is only possible through collective impact and active coordination, hence we actively experiment with new ways of organising and collaborating with other parties. In fact, we are building the InnovAsian alliance as a container to broker collaborations across various organisations in order to bring to fruition a new normal in which young people drive their own learning over a lifetime.


Find out more about what our community has been up to through the highlights below. 

Eager to kickstart your tech for impact journey with us?  Check out our open opportunities to get started!

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