Call for Online Volunteers

Make an impact as you pick up new friends and skills by volunteering online with {Code for Asia} in 2022!


Why Volunteer Online

If you have a skill to share with an international audience of budding entrepreneurs and aspiring changemakers, this is the perfect opportunity for you. All you need is an internet connection, a passion for people and about 4-6h (trainers and mentors) / 12h (community executives) of your time. 😉  

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We champion inclusive, digital innovations by building communities of learning and software to scale quality education.

Since 2017, {Code for Asia} has impacted >3,000 lives from the region, spreading coding as a superpower that anyone can pick up to solve problems with technology.

Impact You Could be Enabling

Every year, we run impact-focused programmes empowering youths to build the future that they desire through technology. One key focus coming up includes data science. Here are the winning projects from 2021 just to give you a “taste” of projects you might be enabling: 

e-CO2mmurz: Browser extension that informs user the CO2 consumption during shopping experience on e-commerce platforms 

Raccoonia: Mobile app to help recycle and manage waste 

MarhaEnergy: A platform for connecting neighbourhoods to enable community solar at reduced cost 

What You'll Get

Be a network of digital-savvy experts scaling your impact internationally 

“First dips” into new ideas and initiatives by the leaders of tomorrow 

A meaningful way to spend your time 


Based in Singapore 

Relevant expertise or experience in volunteering area(s) selected 

Able to commit and support successful implementation of programmes 

How to Apply


Complete application form below 


Watch out for follow-up instructions over email 

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