The use of technology is fundamentally embedded in the communities and cultures of practice we operate in. We believe in working alongside local leaders as locals know their area best. We are building a pipeline of local leaders via FLIP so that local communities can be self-sustainable whilst being part of a broader, global platform to address regional challenges together. 

Our Success Stories

Good health and well-being

At ChangemakerXchange China 2018-2019, we bring together the region’s top social innovators for a 5D4N impact retreat focused around well-being and cross-border collaborations. ChangemakerXchange China is organised by Code for Asia with the support of Ashoka Germany, Bosch Foundation, Ginkgo Foundation and the National Youth Council of Singapore. 

Quality education

EDvengers is a Progressive Web App developed with the MERN stack and led by our community of team members and volunteers from around the region. We are building a campus on the cloud that helps young people aged 18-35 in China, India and ASEAN to take charge of their own learning with a collaborative, peer-based community campus environment. 

Decent work and economic growth

Through our e-incubation programme, we are developing startup-as-a-service to help aspiring young entrepreneurs overcome barriers around administration as well as access to markets and talent at the pre-company stage. 

Sustainable cities and communities

Through the Future Leaders InnovAsian Programme, we are building a network of local leaders that are capable of leading online initiatives and equipped with the latest know-how in sustainability and impact.

Meet Our Community

R Surahutomo Aziz Pradana

AR. VR. XR. A.I. PWA. React. TDD. etc. These are all terms that Dana “eat” for breakfast as a Full Stack Engineer. A #codeathonX 2018 winner, Dana has been steadily increasing the range of his impact over the years with {Code for Asia}. He is now a Technical Lead overseeing the development of EDvengers – a platform to scale lifelong learning – with a distributed team.

Uma Louise Roa

Uma is an accidental coder and a serendipitous founder. Winning #codeathonX 2019 for her venture Pic-A-Talk which uses a.i. to help autistic children communicate effectively through pictures, Uma is a strong believer in the power of visuals and a creative extraordinaire herself. She is now part of the FLIP team in Philippines lending her personable nature to the hosting and facilitation of various online events.

Yuki Chang

While studying the past and world history in Peking University, Yuki has her sights set on innovating for the future. From organising online webinars about overcoming COVID-19 to planning large-scale China-ASEAN youth events, this scholar of the Singaporean public service seems almost capable of warping time. When not building communities, Yuki can also pointe and is certified to survive in sea.

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