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Only 0.5% of the world’s population knows how to code. Since 2017, we have been democratising this “superpower” by enabling young people in Asia to learn to code and apply technology for impact, no prior experience required. We believe that the skills gap can be addressed at scale only by engaging young people as agents and co-creators of their own learning in a collaborative environment. We are building community-powered software (EDvengers) to do this effectively.

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Why we exist

Lee is 18 years old today. At some point during the COVID-19 pandemic, her dad barged into the room hurrying her to pick up a phone call on the home line in the middle of her history exam; “Lee we couldn’t see you on our end!” said her professor in distress. Turns out both the stream from her mobile and laptop camera were off for some reason. This, after enduring a distraught TA who was fumbling with troubleshooting another student’s connection all of which she bore complete witness to; yet Lee is one of the luckier ones in the current situation, to be able to continue her education.

Educational inequalities. Climate change. Whatever the problem that you can think of – tech is and is not the answer. From directing street lights to the way that we fly, much if not all of modern life as we know it will vanish if code were to cease to exist. For a tool that dominates over every imaginable aspect of human lives, surprisingly, only a very select few are fluent in this literacy. In fact, more people in the world could read and write in 1820 (12%) than there are that can code today (0.5%).

Technology is the answer. We will need to design inclusive and intuitive applications if we are to bring a majority, rather than a few, of the world into the embrace of progress. Technology is not the answer. It cannot lead to meaningful progress unless more diverse perspectives are brought into its ambit, unless we build solutions that can allow any Lee and Ali to get their jobs done effectively while being mindful of the structural barriers that stand in their way. Technology needs to work for humanity rather than against humanity. Given the dismal state of public education and the rapid advance of automation, the design and delivery of these essential skills for thriving in the digital age requires urgent innovation. At {Code for Asia}, we build communities of learning and software so that young people can build the futures that they desire through learning to code and being part of a regional community to drive change together.

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  • Problem-based learning: Go from zero to hero or heroine as you learn and apply coding to solving for real-world challenges.
  • A global, social experience: Come team up, learn and struggle together alongside mentors and experts who are here to guide you.
  • Scaled for growth: We leverage technology to deliver seamless and intuitive experiences so that you can focus on learning and connecting.
  • Smart and relevant: As you engage with the community, find recommendations and opportunities that are most suitable for you! (Coming soon).

About Us

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What we do

Just how do we create change through our communities and technology?

Collaborate for collective impact-making

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Looking for digital transformation solutions or to engage the Asian market? Let’s build an ecosystem of innovation together.

Volunteer with us

You got skills. Whether you're looking to create a regional impact from the comfort of your home or simple to increase access to coding as a literacy, join our community

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A nagging voice in your head says to learn coding except that you don't quite know where to start... Find a programme targeted for your needs in less than 3 clicks with us

Why work with us

A social enterprise headquartered in Singapore with footprints across the region, our mission is to unleash the power of communities and technology for making the world a better place since 2017. Instead of silos and competition, we are a Team of Teams that builds bridges and containers for collaboration with our partners. Our culture is as easy as ABCDE.

  • Autonomy - we are accountable and take ownership.
  • Boldness - we are action-biased and take smart risks.
  • Curiosity - we seek to understand and to grow.
  • Collaboration - we show up for each other and succeed together.
  • Delight – we deliver experiences that turn customers into fans.
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