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Code for Asia x you

Co-creating a Community Campus on the cloud

We are addressing the skills gap at scale by engaging young people as agents and co-creator of their own learning

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Why we exist

From directing street lights to the way that we fly, much if not all of modern life will vanish if code were to cease to exist. {Code for Asia} is building a world in which young people can make the future present through code and collaboration across cultures.

About Us

  • Problem-based learning: Go from zero to hero or heroine as you learn and apply coding to solving for real-world challenges.
  • A global, social experience: Come team up, learn and struggle together alongside mentors and experts who are here to guide you.
  • Scaled for growth: We leverage technology to deliver seamless and intuitive experiences so that you can focus on learning and connecting.
  • Smart and relevant: As you engage with the community, find recommendations and opportunities that are most suitable for you! (Coming soon).

About Us

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What we do

Just how do we create change through our communities and technology?
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Collaborate for collective impact-making

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Take action on digital transformation.

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Why work with us

Based in Singapore, with a vision for the world, we invite you to be part of this collective for change.

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